A feature-length documentary film on Gianni di Sario, the typical-but-still-eccentric Calzolaio of Via Dei Ginori, in Florence. I am photographing and filming him as he is repairing, working, creating, becoming frustrated and getting buried in his own dust. When completed, “Dal Calzolaio” will be the end result of a long and loving collection of moments in that little other-dimension-workshop hidden right in front of the Florence crowds.

Past Projects

From discovering whether or not I have a magnet for psychopaths, to a birthday present for Mick Jagger and a day around Sogkhla, my films always like to take their time with life, from watching my dad move the tent around the campsite until he finds the perfect shade, to watching a Thai Muslim woman peel her egg amidst the black smoke, the comedy, I believe, lies in that lazy rhythm.