Selected Works

Neos Kosmos Theater (Θεατρο του Νεου Κοσμου)

Angeliki translated into Greek the renowned theatre play Pests, originally written by Vivienne Franzmann. Pests (in Greek, 'Παράσιτα'), was produced by Koralia Sotiriadou and was directed by Vangelis Theodoropoulos. It was staged at the Theater of Neos Kosmos - where performances carried on for two seasons, from January 2015 to April 2016 - and it starred Kora Karvouni and Ioanna Kolliopoulou.

Angeliki translated the theatre play Lampedusa into Greek, originally written by Anders Lustgarten. Lampedusa is being produced by Koralia Sotiriadou and directed by Vangelis Theodoropoulos. It is going to be staged at the Theater of Neos Kosmos from October 2016 onwards.

Angeliki translated the theatre play Stones In His Pocket into Greek, originally written by Marie Jones. Stones In His Pockets is being directed by Giorgos Chrisostomou and Makis Papadimitriou. It is going to be staged at the Theater of Neos Kosmos from January 2017 onwards.

A&G Films Media Entertainment


In 2011, Angeliki collaborated with A&G Films Media Entertainment, to adapt the multi-award-winning novel ATROPOS by Maria Skiadaresi (published by Pataki press) for a TV series. 


Angeliki Coconi worked with A&G Films Media Entertainment in 2010, when she edited the script of the full length A MAN CALLED EAGLE written by Theo Haris, based on a truth story by George Politis.. 

Independent Projects


Angeliki wrote and directed the short mockumentary The Magnet in 2010. Her film was awarded the Accolade Award of Merit at the Accolade Competition 2010, Los Angeles and The Indie Fest Award of Merit at The Indie Fest 2010, Los Angeles.

Welcome to the Madhouse: 'The Magnet'


Tim Hayes at The Indie Fest interviews filmmaker Angeliki Coconi on her award-winning mockumentary titled “The Magnet”.

Like 'The Magnet', the 30-minute documentary-style comedy investigating her mysterious appeal to life's less well-balanced elements, Angeliki's self-examination arrives wrapped in plenty of self-deprecation. 'When I was a little girl my dad told me I have 'the magnet': that I attract all kinds of psychos,' she says. 'As long as I can remember I've always heard 'this could only happen to you' from all my friends, about incidents I witnessed or things that happened. When the craziness started getting too much for me to handle, I decided to turn it around and make a funny documentary about it, to make fun of the madness. This madness brought on 'The Magnet'.'

Read the full interview at The Indie.


In 2013, Angeliki collaborated with writer-filmmaker Theo Alexander for a mockumentary titled MICK, which is currently under development. MICK  is a comedy film painting the portrait of an overly dedicated Jagger fan. The trailer is available on Vimeo and YouTube.

Mick - Official Trailer

Empty Orchestra

Angeliki Coconi and Theo Alexander travelled around Thailand producing a feature-length documentary film documenting an average day in rural Thailand, from the break of dawn until past midnight. With no dialogue, and with only street open-mike karaoke sessions as its soundtrack, 'Empty Orchestra' is a warm, loving tribute to the wonderful people of this quirky but welcoming, uncomplexed country.

Empty Orchestra Official Trailer


The English Katerina Tsavalou

Angeliki's short script won the Colorado Screenplay Award – Platinum, at the Colorado Film Festival 2010. It was also among the Official Script Selections at the Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2010

Love Is The Drug

Angeliki's short script was a finalist at four different European Festivals.

Elafos Elafina

Angeliki is currently adapting Lila Daskalaki's novel 'Elafos Elafina' into a feature-length screenplay.


Angeliki is currently working on a film adaptation of Christos Markogiannakis' crime novel 'Eglima stin Paralia tis Vouliagmenis'.

Unsung Films

Angeliki created the online film magazine Unsung Films which in 2012 briefly partnered up with the New York Film Academy, offering commentaries on important movies in order to help film students gain a deeper understanding on independent cinema, its origins and influences. The movie site allows upcoming filmmakers to showcase and promote their work, supports underrepresented writers and directors, promotes their projects and brings emerging filmmakers closer to their target audience. The official Unsung Films team consists of Angeliki Coconi, Theo Alexander, Hannah McHaffie and Zachary Wyman. The website has often been praised by Roger Ebert.

A Selection of Published Articles 

Read Angeliki's full article on the Greek newspaper's Official Website.

'Την ίδια ημέρα μια φίλη μου Ταϊλανδή με πήρε τηλέφωνο να με προσκαλέσει να βγάλουμε φωτογραφίες. «Και τι θα φωτογραφίσουμε;» τη ρώτησα. «Το 7-Eleven κλειστό» (διεθνής αλυσίδα σουπερμάρκετ και γρήγορου φαγητού), απάντησε. Στην Ταϊλάνδη, όπως και στην Αμερική, το 7-Eleven δεν κλείνει ποτέ. Μπορούν να έρθουν τα πάνω κάτω, να χαλάσει ο κόσμος, να ξεσπάσει πόλεμος, και το 7-Eleven δεν θα πάρει χαμπάρι. Θα συνεχίσει να ψήνει τοστάκια και  να πουλάει ροζ και γαλάζιες γρανίτες.'

Ταϊλάνδη:Ένα Πραξικόπημα... Όλο Τρέλα, ΤΟ ΒΗΜΑ

'Όποια και να 'ναι όμως τα προβλήματά μας, δείχνουμε να τα έχουμε απόλυτα υπό έλεγχο με τη βοήθεια κάποιων μεθόδων που έχουμε εφεύρει για να μην πέφτουμε σε κατάθλιψη. Μία από αυτές τις μεθόδους είναι και η έκθεση όλων αυτών των ψόφιων, ματωμένων κρεάτων. Είναι μια υπενθύμιση του ότι υπάρχουν και χειρότερα. Είναι ο λίγο αρρωστημένος τρόπος μας να λέμε «τουλάχιστον δεν είμαι αυτό το γουρούνι». Είναι μια ανορθόδοξη μέθοδος που όμως μας βοηθάει να βάζουμε τα πράγματα σε μια κάποια προοπτική. Και όσο πιο γδαρμένα αυτά τα ζώα είναι, όσο πιο γραφικές και βγαλμένες από θρίλερ είναι οι εικόνες που έχουμε μπροστά μας, τόσο πιο δυνατοί νιώθουμε, τόσο ανεβαίνει το ηθικό μας, τόσο δεν κλατάρουμε. Γιατί αν τα παίξουμε εμείς, τότε τι πρέπει να κάνει αυτό το αρνί που στάζει το αίμα του στο πεζοδρόμιο;…'

Η Σιωπή την Αμνών, gr8media Free Press.

'Εφηύραμε συστήματα μέτρησης, συμφωνήσα-
με σε λέξεις και αριθμούς που θα τα αντιπροσώπευαν, και απαντήσαμε ερωτήματα που
εμείς οι ίδιοι θέσαμε. Κάπου όμως στην πορεία ξεχάσαμε ότι όλα αυτά είναι συμφω-
νίες και ότι η Ελένη 30 χρονών δεν έχει την ίδια ηλικία με την Μαρία 30 χρονών, ο δρό-
μος για την θάλασσα είναι πιο σύντομος από τον δρόμο για την δουλειά, έστω και αν τα
χιλιόμετρα έχουμε αποφασίσει ότι είναι τα ίδια, τα μεσάνυχτα είναι ώρα ύπνου μόνο αν
κοιμάσαι και, ναι, σήμερα κάνει ζέστη. Λιγότερη από χτες και ίσως περισσότερη από
αύριο. Αλλά ας αφήσουμε τους βαθμούς, μια και μόνοι μας παίζουμε. Κάνει ζέστη, οπό-
τε θα ντυθούμε ελαφρά. Αυτό φτάνει.'

Η Ασυμμετρία του Μέτρου, gr8media Free Press.

'What exactly do we mean by 'surreal'? Because if we mean, as I think we do, what is unreal, imaginary, impossible and higher than life, then let me tell you something, there isn't such thing.

Life has shown me that there is nothing that you shouldn't expect. From waking up to find a pig in your bed, to having Godzilla coming to pick you up from school, I've had it all. And maybe that pig was my boyfriend and Godzilla was my mom, but trust me, it's one and the same.'

Surrealistic Pillow, Ezine.

Just Another Day In Paradise

Angeliki ran her online humour blog, Just Another Day In Paradise, where she wrote her 'humour diary' on a daily basis for years. Her blog has been praised by the New York Times.

  • Gay Wi-Fi available here

    Is it me, or does the name you’ve set on your wireless internet connection say a lot about yourself?

    This morning I switched my laptop on to write. While it was warming up, I squeezed my juice and put on some music, but before I got to sit down and start working, someone knocked on my door. When I opened, in front of me stood a big man I had never seen before. Long beard, long hair, rough looking American guy, who seemed very angry with me for some reason. ‘You’re stealing my internet’. ‘Hi there. And I don’t think so…’, I replied, seeing I couldn’t be as sarcastic as I wanted with this guy and still get home for Christmas safe...

  • These are three portions of pasta I’ll never get back… 

    Isn’t it funny how everyone’s idea of time wasted is different? You think you’re wasting time by doing this, I think all this time we’re talking, I could be doing that. Who’s right? I think I am. Together with my sister.

    This morning I went out to the shops, looking for a big red frame to put my Che Guevara canvas in. When I found a little shop I liked, I went in and started browsing. The owner of the shop was talking to a woman in her running clothes and shoes, near where I was standing. While he was explaining to her where exactly that place she was looking for was, the woman kept on jogging on the spot. As he was giving more and more details, her frustration started to show, and at some point she couldn’t help but complain ‘I could have ran to Campo Marte and back all this time it took you to explain it to me. I could have gone up and down a 100 sets of steps. I could have swam across the river and back’! And while shaking her head, she ran out of the shop...

  • Bank Job

    Today I realised that all women and most men are obsessed with looking at themselves in mirrors, windows, glasses, spoons, and in general any object that shows any kind of reflection. I also realised that if we use that the right way, we can get rich.

    I left my house this morning to go to the train station and meet a friend. A distance that I usually cover in fifteen minutes, today was taking me much longer, since in front of every shop’s window, there was a woman standing fixing her reflection’s hair. As it was raining, they were all getting upset their hair was being ruined, so they found an opportunity to complain to their window selves: ‘Look at that, look at that hair, crazy… Why do I do with this hair’?… Why do you do, where do you go? Cars on the street, women fixing their hair in front of windows, and people inside the shops looking at some crazy women talking to themselves in the window. And then me, trying to get to the train station...

  • Who are these kids, and why are they calling me ‘mom’? 

    Today I came up with the perfect way for women to avoid either having kids, or at least being asked constantly by families and boyfriends when they’re going to have kids. This is the recipe, girls out there.

    This morning I woke up and found a number of missed calls on my phone from my best friend. Before I got the chance to call her back, she called again. She was heard whispering from the other side: ‘Hi, I’m in the bathroom, talking to you secretly, no one knows I’m here. My in-laws in the other room keep pushing for an answer of when I’m planning on having kids… I don’t know what to tell them’… ‘Tell them Sunday. Not this one, the one next’, I replied in a panic, trying to steal us some time. ‘No, but the thing is, I don’t think I want kids in general… How do I get out of this for good’?...

  • Where to Cheat in Florence

    Today I made a list with the places where my boyfriend can cheat on me, and I will never find out.

    This morning I went out for a walk and ended up sitting at a square, watching the people go by, listening to my music. At some point a bell rang, and it apparently set a sea of monsters free, and hundreds of kids in matching uniforms came running out of their school, jumping around like crazy, screaming, and letting it all out. After ten minutes of hell, a woman came and gathered them back into the building. I tried to imagine the chaos in that little school, where twenty kids didn’t seem to fit, let alone hundreds. I realised that entering that place would perhaps be my worst nightmare. I also realised that this could be the perfect place for my boyfriend to have an affair and be sure that I would never discover...

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