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Writer, Photographer, Filmmaker

Angeliki Coconi was born in Athens, Greece. After a BA in Literature from the University of Athens, an MSc in History from the University of Edinburgh, and a Postgraduate Degree in Film from Napier University of Edinburgh, Angeliki moved to Florence, Italy where she has been living and working since 2010.


Her screenplay "The English Katerina Tsavalou" was awarded the Colorado Screenplay Award - Platinum in 2010. Her online film recommendation magazine, “Unsung Films” has been running since 2011 and has been praised by The New York Film Academy and renowned movie critic Roger Ebert on several occasions. She has worked closely with “The Theatre of The New World” for which she has translated three theatre plays, “Pests”, “Lampedusa” and “Stones in his Pockets” and with The Athens and Epidaurus Festival for which she has been subtitling Greek theatre plays.


She has written, directed, shot and edited two short films, the mockumentary "The Magnet", which appeared in various festivals in Europe and the United States, and "Mick”. "The Magnet" won an Award of Merit from The Indie Fest for its "exceptional sense of humour"; it also won an Award of Merit from The Accolade. She then went on to produce, direct and edit the feature-length film “Empty Orchestra”, a travel documentary taking its audience through moving photographs into the heart of the everyday life of Songkhla, a little southern town in Thailand.

She has just completed another feature-length documentary film on Gianni di Sario, the typical-but-still-eccentric Calzolaio of Via Dei Ginori, in Florence. “Dal Calzolaio” won the Florence Movie Awards - Best Feature Documentary Award in November 2019.

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